I am Isabel Sánchez, from Madrid. Spain. I am currently working as an SAP trainer and consultant. Before knowing more about my current project and job, I will introduce myself out of the working life.

This is my current picture. If you are wondering why my aspect is like this (blue eyes, dark blonde) it´s because of my blood. I have Celtic blood.

My mother is from the north of Spain (Lugo) and my father is from the South of Spain (Murcia). Find some information attached in each province. From both sides, my granparents were blonde with blue eyes, so it is not weird inheritating their genetics.


I enjoy staying in the nature, I love hiking and doing sports. My daily routine involves either some gym, some walking and I feel free going hiking. As a curiosity, the best hiking I did in my life was in the summer of 2017, when I went to Corsica and did part of the GR20. I have done part of the Camino de Santiago (Northern Way) several times.

My evolution with SAP and IT industry

I started in the year 2015, when I took an SAP FI course, following by two smaller courses about HM and MM. Unluckily, I didn´t continue either practicing or studying. I continued with my job in finance, and during 3 years I “forgot” SAP.

My starting point was in 2018, when I took an official course of SAP CO.

Just after finishing the course, in June 2018, I started working in the IT industry (implementing a different ERP). I have to see an great advantage in this experience: Despite not using SAP ERP, I could see in a company how to implement a system and how users get advantages of a central system for the processes and documents.

In August 2018 I passed my first certification exam of SAP CO ERP EhP7. In December 2019 I passed the second certificacion of SAP FI S/4HANA 1809. Click on the images for get a complete information of each one.

The experience in SAP started in Dec 2018, as a trainer. First as an SAP CO trainer and currently as an SAP trainer for a public company, within a finance-economical, purchasing, logistic and public contracting system. Advantages: I am able to see how a very big company work, how the data flows within departments, the main questions of users. I can say that this is probably the best working experience in my life.

Needless to say that I also apply the consulting knowledge in order to explain better the processes and to, sometimes, correct the manuals provided. I like the SAP world, it´s very immense and you don´t stop learning by using.

Expectations for the future

How I see SAP in the future? I see that cloud deployments and everything related to cloud will grow. I perceive that SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform will get bigger. That is why I insist in being trained in S/4HANA.

How I see my future? I would like to base my experience in two paths:

  • Consulting: Either related to business processes, support, assistance in implementations.
  • Training: Preferibly, finance and logistic modules.